Bathroom Exhaust & Kitchen Make Up Air (MUA) Cleaning in Calgary – Ensuring Your Ventilation Works

Ventilation & Exhaust Cleaning
Wood Stove, Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning

Ventilation & Exhaust Cleaning

Get ventilation and exhaust cleaning from Double ‘D’ Furnace Cleaning Services Ltd. We take care of cleanings for both commercial and residential properties. Got a restaurant? Having a professional handle your kitchen make up air (MUA) cleaning in Calgary helps improve health standards and food quality. Commercial and residential bathroom exhaust cleaning is also important. Without proper ventilation and exhaust, a bathroom’s walls and ceilings can collect moisture and run the risk of growing mould and mildew stains. Make sure your system is running at full capacity with routine ventilation and exhaust cleanings. Talk to Double ‘D’ to request a free quote or to set up scheduled cleanings.

Wood Stove, Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning – Keep Your Building Safe

When it comes to using wood stoves and fireplaces, safety is always your top priority. That’s why scheduling routine cleanings for your wood stoves, chimneys, and fireplaces can help prevent fires as well as keep smoke properly ventilated. Double ‘D’ provides wood stove, fireplace, and chimney cleanings to residential and commercial properties throughout Calgary. Call for more details.

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