Improve Efficiency with Ductwork Cleaning in Calgary

Does it appear your HVAC system is running slower than usual? Does it seem to take longer to heat or cool down a room? While you may think you need to completely replace your HVAC system, its poor efficiency may be caused by dirty ductwork. For professional ductwork cleaning in Calgary, turn to Double ‘D’ Furnace Cleaning Services Ltd. We use a truck-mounted vacuum with compressed air for our residential and commercial duct cleaning.

While there is no current definitive evidence that says routine duct cleaning improves air quality or reduces the amount of dust in a house or building, dirty ductwork, heating and cooling coils, motors, and other components of HVAC units can cause your whole system to run less efficiently. When your heating and cooling system has to work overtime just to heat or cool your space, it can cost you more on your monthly energy bill. Getting routine ductwork cleaning along with HVAC cleaning can help improve the overall efficiency of the system.

When to Have Your Duct Cleaning Done

At Double ‘D’ Furnace Cleaning Services Ltd., we recommend ductwork cleaning in Calgary if:
  • You’re moving into a new home
  • You’ve just had a renovation
  • Have a family member recovering from an allergy-related illness 
  • Find evidence of animal infestations
  • Discover visible mould growth
  • Notice debris, odours, or other contaminates being released through your registers

On average, our experts recommend cleaning your ducts every 3 to 5 years depending on factors like allergies, pets, children, or even excessive traffic or construction in your neighbourhood.

Contact Double ‘D’ today for a free quote on your residential or commercial duct cleaning services today.
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